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1 piece Fire real silk hand kite runner for kids play

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1 PIECE (buy 2 to get 1 pair) silk ribbon hand kite which consists of 1 piece silk veil and a bamboo ring.


Playful and beautiful

Sturdy and smooth bamboo rings, soft silk ribbons and vibrant colors will get your children to love running and playing with these sensory silk ribbon hand kites. They can be used indoor for creative play, music and dancing (even for adults), outdoor for fluttering in the wind. They can also be hung on the closet doors in the playroom when not in use, and add more beauty to the room.

Silk ribbons

Hand painted vibrant colors with smooth gradations. The silk fabric has gone through a post-treatment that fixes the colors, makes the ribbons soft skin-friendly and gives them a silky sheen. 5mm lightweight real silk fabric is especially sensitive to winds. The ribbons flow freely and beautifully.

The 3 ribbons are 10 cm (4") wide, 80 cm (31") or 100 cm (40") long. All edges stitched.

Bamboo ring

9 cm (3.5 inch) wide, 1 cm (0.4 inch) thick bamboo ring. Stronger than the wooden rings. 3 silk ribbons are tied to the ring in a way that can be easily un-tied.


Parental supervision is required, and it is not intended for children under 3. This is NOT intended to be used as a teether.

Due to the delicate nature of silk, use gently. It is normal that the silks may have little snags after some use

 Use and care

We strongly recommend steam ironing the silks when you receive them. When the wrinkles are gone, they will flow much better.

Avoid washing. Keep them away from water (rain, beach). Let them dry before storing them in a bag.

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