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Custom make order

We can make any color and size according to customer's instruction. Please feel free to contact us.

 If you want a color that isn't on the website, please contact us before placing the order.



1~Due to the fact that our computer screen may display the colors a little different from yours, and the nature of handwork, the colors may not turn out 100% exactly as you expected, although we always do our best to match.

2~Custom orders can be costly. Fans take 2 weeks to make, and veils take over 4 weeks. This is because our factory has to wait to apply the colors until similar colors appear in mass production. Sometimes the finished product is not satisfactory on the first try, then we have to start all over again.

3~We charge additional fees for custom orders. USD10 per color scheme for veils and USD5 for fans. The price is based on the quantity of color combinations, not on the items. For example:

Custom make
price for the items
extra for custom making
2 pairs fan veils red-purple USD31.99*2=63.98 USD5*1=5 USD63.98+5=68.98
1 pair fan veil red-purple
1 pair fan veil red-green
USD31.99*2=63.98 USD5*2=10 USD63.98+10=73.98


Custom orders can be time consuming and costly. Please take a look at our entire inventory before making a custom order. You may find something even better in stock.