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Do you offer discounts for larger orders? For example, if I or my troop orders 4-10 fan veils and/or veils? Does it have to be the same item or can it be different items?
The website automatically applies quantity discounts based on the total price of your cart: You don't have to order the same items to receive a discount. As long as the total price in your cart exceeds a certain value, the discount will be applied automatically.

The fabric is different than I expected. Is it real silk?
We only use 100% real silk. To get the best float, you need to get rid of the wrinkles with a steaming machine. Then the silk will be like new born.
Since the silk is very thin and delicate (otherwise it wouldn't float), in some cases we intentionally make it not too soft to prolong its life.

I'm afraid that I'll have to pay a high duty for this order when it comes to my country. Can you declare a smaller value?
Yes, we always declare a small value in hopes that the buyer doesn't have to pay taxes. But sometimes it doesn't work out.
If your order is very big, please contact us and we'll see what to do.

Is the price of the fan veils for 1 piece or for 2 pieces?
The prices for all our fan veils are for 1 pair by default, i.e. 2 pieces (1 piece for the right hand and 1 piece for the left hand), unless specified otherwise.

What if I don't receive the package or the item is defective?
Standard free shipping by regular mail takes 2-5 weeks or even longer. Transportation is subject to many imponderables: Airport security check, weather, holidays, postal strike, customs. Please wait patiently. In most cases the package will arrive. If there are no updates online for over 3 weeks, the package is probably lost. We'll refund your purchase price or send you a replacement.
If the item you receive is defective, please contact us and send us photos. We'll send you a replacement free of charge. Or refund the purchase price.

What shipping method do you offer? I need this item urgently. Can I get a faster shipping method?
We offer free shipping by mail with tracking number, which usually takes 2-5 weeks to arrive.
We also offer expedited shipping, which is delivered within 7 business days and costs $25-$36 per order. Please choose express shipping wisely as you're more likely to pay customs fees and VAT.
We're in the process of building warehouses in the US and Europe to make shipping much faster in the future.

How do I know if you have shipped my order? Can I track my order on the website?
Each of our shipments has a tracking number that you'll receive via email and you can track it at

What is the difference between 5mm and 8mm silk veils?
"mm", short for mommes, is a measurement of the thickness of the fabric. 5mm fabric has fewer silk threads than 8mm. 5mm veils are lighter and more flowing, while 8mm silk veils are stronger and bolder. 5 mm veils are more widely used.

Do you make custom fans and veils?
Yes, we do. It takes about 2 weeks to make fans, and 4 to 5 weeks to make veils. Our way of making veils is very unique and complex and involves post-treatment. That is why veils take so long to make.
We need pictures of each color to make a custom veil.
Please understand that we only work by hand and eye. Please be tolerant of small differences in colors.

I've forgotten my passwords. Can you reset them for me?
Yes, I can. And you can also reset your passwords with your registered email. If you don't receive the email with the new passwords, please check your junk mail.