Improved rods for flag pois

Most flag pois are oversized with their long rods inside. Their shipping packages are too long and don't fit common shipping methods that are fast and stable. Therefore, customers may have to wait a very long time to receive them.

To improve this situation, we redesigned the rods of these oversized flag pois and made them more shipping-friendly, so that customers can get their orders much faster by better shipping methods.

The rod is made up of 2 parts: One part is inside the fabric, the other part is outside. The customer needs to connect the two parts of the rod and insert it into the fabric. The installation is simple and only takes 2 minutes.

Thanks to a spring inside, the rod is elastic. Therefore, inserting and removing the rods is easy. The pole fits the pocket of the flag, so that the flag can fully unfold.




If you cannot find the hole to insert the rod, please see this picture.