Get paid for sharing your beautiful pictures and videos.

If you like our products and want to share how you use them, you can send us your videos or pictures. If your videos/pictures are good, we'll use them in our stores and social media. And we'll reward you for your kindness with a paypal transfer or points on your account.

What pictures and videos are allowed?

It doesn't matter if the picture/video was taken by professionals or casually. As long as you think it's nice, you can send it to us. But

1~the media files must be about our products, not other sellers'.

2~You must be the copyright owner of the media.

How much do you get paid and how?

If they are good, depending on the quality of your media (length, resolution, professionality, creativity, etc.), you'll receive $1 to $5 for each image and $2 to $10 for each video. The payment is done via Paypal. If you don't have a paypal account, we can add redemption points to your account on our website. These are 150~750 points per picture and 300~1500 points per video. 100 points are equal to 1 US $. 

*We prefer images and videos that contain only 1 object and 1 dancer, with a simple background and in a high resolution.

*If we already have nice pictures and videos of an article, we don't need more pictures/videos of the same article in the future.

How will we use your media files?
We'll respect your copyright. You can watermark the files with your own. We'll upload them to

1~our Amazon store

2~our website or to a product detail page like

3~our social media. Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. When we do this, we make sure to credit you as the author. We can even add links to your social media if you want.

How do you send us your media files?

1~Send an email to [email protected].

2~The URL of the file on the internet (youtube, instagram or any other file sharing website)

If you have any questions about this program, feel free to contact us.