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  1. How to buy single pieces fan veils?

    If you only like to buy 1 piece right hand fan instead of a pair, you may order from our old store


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  2. 2021 Spring Festival Vacation



    That means

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  3. How to print your invoice?


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  4. White silk fabrics available in 2 more specifications

    If you are looking for white silk fabric to paint on your own design, you now have 2 more options:

    6 Mommes thick, 140 cm (55 inches) wide, 

    8 Mommes thick, 140 cm (55 inches) wide, 

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  5. How to fix fans with a new rivet?

    The possibility for our fans to lose their metal rivet head and fall apart is below 1%. We open and close every piece of fan veil for at least 4 times to make sure its rivet is tight. But it could still happen sometimes. If very unfortunately your fan veil loses its tiny metal rivet head, you need

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