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  1. How to save US$ 8 on your first order?

    1~Get points from creating an account, signing up newsletter. For detail please refer to my article

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  2. Ways to earn points

    In the following ways customer will automatically earn redeem points that can be used in the future orders:

    1-Create an account for 300 points (US$3). This also gives you

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  3. 2 ways to trace your orders

    Option 1: Find tracking numbers in your account.


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  4. More sizes of veils are now available

    Besides the standard adult size 2.7m*1.1m, more sizes of silk veils are now available for purchase:

    1.5m*0.9m (59" x 35")

    1.8m*0.9m (70" x 35")


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  5. How to make 2 payment for 1 order?

    If you choose expedited shipping, you probably would like us to declare a small value to minimize the Customs Taxes (although it may not 100% work every time.). In this case, we need you to make 2 parts of payment: the value to be declared on the parcel, and the balance, so we have a payment

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