If you choose expedited shipping, you probably would like us to declare a small value to minimize the Customs Taxes (although it may not 100% work every time.). In this case, we need you to make 2 parts of payment: the value to be declared on the parcel, and the balance, so we have a payment proof which may be required by your Customs when they release your package. How to make 2 payments for 1 order?

1~Sign in your account. If you do not have an account please create one. It takes only a few minutes and you will have at least 2% discount on everything.

2~Put the items in your cart and proceed to checkout. When you are required to choose the payment method, choose “Pay later (make 2 sums of payment via paypal, Western Union)”, then click “Place order”.

3~Sign in your paypal and make the payment in 2 parts to inuyasha0711@hotmail.com. For example, if your order is USD200 and you would like us to declare USD20, please pay USD20 and USD180. Please state your order ID when you make payment via paypal.

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