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  1. 2022 Spring Festival Vacation



    That means

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  2. How do USPS and Amazon work together to make angry customers

    Legend has it that USPS could leave the package on the roof of your house. Many customers complained that they never received the package that USPS said "delivered". And Amazon always hates to see the buyer and seller communicate. USPS and Amazon work together to make customers angry. In the end the

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  3. The difference between stitched and hand rolled edges

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  4. You can choose to have screw rivets on fan veils

    Are your fan veils becoming loose? Are you hands soon getting tired from grabbing the fans hard to keep them open? Now you can choose to have screw rivet

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  5. We charge 12%~18% VAT to EU customers.

    According to the EU laws that take effect on 1st, July, 2021, all packages to EU are charged 17~27% VAT based on declared value. In order for our customers to get the goods quicker and easier, without going into troubles at Customs Clearance, we will collect and prepay the VAT at destination Customs,

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