We are looking for partners that help us draw in new customers, to let people know the good products and service that we provide. If you are a dance teacher who has many students, or followers and audience on social medias, you are welcome to join us to get a reward for your talent and popularity.

How does it work?

We create a coupon code in your name (or any name you like). You tell your friends or audience to use the coupon on our website. With your coupon they save 5% in their orders. My website records the coupon so we know it is your credit and we will pay you 5% commissions. The coupon can be used for limitless times. Anyone, no matter how he got the coupon, as long as he uses it, you get 5% of the sales.

What do you do?

Just tell people about us. You may write an article in your blog, upload a video of you using our product and tell everyone this was made by us, or tell your students about us, just to name a few ways. Tell them to use your coupon code if they like to order.

It is simply sharing a code with your friends and audience. It does not involve making a certain amount of sales, or posting a certain amount of times. Make it casual. Do not make it look like you work for us.

What do we do?

We will make sure your coupon is valid forever. We will keep record of your commissions and pay you weekly or monthly via paypal. As always we will provide our best products and services to your friends and audiences. They will not be disappointed.

You get commissions. Your audience and students save money. We get more customers. It is a win-win-win cooperation.

This is not the only way. We also do wholesale! Contact us if you have any question. We are open for ideas!